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Antique Clock Restoration and Repair Services .

Antique Instrument Renovation 

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 Specialist Long Case Clock Restoration of Antique Clock Movements and Cases To The Very Highest Standard.



Our name is Longcase Clock Restoration.  We have been repairing antique clock movements, barometers and cases to the highest standard for 40 years. 

Below you can see a typical clock prior to restoration this photograph came from a rather distressed client, this clock unfortunately had fallen over and separated into many pieces the movement was bent and distorted.

On the right you can see a picture of the clock after being restored, this is particularly fine clock circa 1700.

This clock has been repaired in such a way that one cannot tell it was ever damaged.

Before_restoration.jpg               Walnut%20Clock%20after%20Repair%201.JPG  

We specialise in the restoration and repair and valuation of antique long case clock movement and cases, these long case movement or grandfather clock movements come to us in a state of disrepair, these movements sometimes are so rusty and green with verdigre, that the dial has no remaining paint or numerals whatsoever and the cases are very often in many parts.

We can restore these clocks or barometers back to their original condition, using appropriate materials from the period from the period in which he clock was manufactured.

Please feel free call us regarding your restoration project whatever condition your piece may be in, our speciality is in undertaking restoration in such a way that the repair is totally invisible.

In addition to our wealth of experience in restoring clocks, we are also able to revive barometers to their original intended condition. We conduct our repairs (such as mercury tube replacement and dial silvering) using the same methods, materials and tools as were used in the original constructon. 

In our workshops we are able to carry out any restoration project whatsoever, ranging from minor repairs and scratches to complete re-assembly of the damaged item, making these repairs by utilising our vast stocks of period timber and clock parts .

By selecting us you can be assured of the best possible service.  Your restoration project will be treated in a wholly sympathetic and informed manner.  Full attention is paid by our employees to the importance of conservation and you will be advised as to how such work can be executed and how conservation blends with the restoration required to make your damaged item both usable and beautiful with no loss of integrity or value. 

Over the years, our reputation for conducting repairs in this manner, has led to us being approached by other restorers. We are often contacted by other professionals, in order to assist them with their work.

A prime example of a repair method we are able to undertake is Boulle work.

Below you can see a picture of a fine boulle clock that has unfortunately fallen over and as you can see the bezel has become extremely squashed.

it is very difficult when this happens to re-straighten the bezel as the brass invariably breaks.
The only way this can be done is by heating the bezel up and reforming it by making a circular steel ring to form it on.

This has to be done very carefully because if it is flattened the glass which is a convexed bevelled glass will not fit.

Damaged%20Bezel1.jpg                                       Damaged%20Bezel2.jpg

Boulle Work


              boulle clock                          boulle       

 Boulle work which is invariably brass inlaid in to tortoiseshell.
 Boulle work is a specific type of marquetry developed by Charles Boulle. ANDRE CHARLES BOULLE (1642-1732),  French cabinetmaker, who gave his name to a fashion of inlaying known as Boulle or Buhl work. 
 Boulle is composed of tiny pieces of ivory and brass or copper, ebony, and tortoise-shell,all kept together with glue and tiny chased nails, and applied very often to a rather soft, white wood, Alternate heat and humidity are even greater enemies of inlaid furniture than time.             

Malcolm Green is the resident clock expert on the BBC Restoration Roadshow.

All our restoration work is guaranteed for a minimum period of one year, however we are flexible and often able to assist past clients with work needed on pieces we have previously restored, even after the 12 months has passed.

We are more than willing to make arrangements to collect restoration  work from anywhere in the UK.


Looking for an experienced antique clock restorer - contact Malcolm Green on …
Tel : 01462 790646 or E-mail : Malcolm Green

Telephone: 01462 790646 | E-mail : Malcolm Green